The Sweet Smell of Retail Success

You don’t have to earn an MBA to know retail is suffering. In the age of Amazon Prime and big department stores closing (RIP downtown Minneapolis Macy's), it’s a new challenge to inspire shoppers to visit a brick and mortar store. But while many retailers are faced with empty stores and declining foot traffic, UK-based Lush cosmetics is still expanding their retail locations in the U.S.


Simply put: you have to visit their store to get the Lush experience. 

The experience begins before you even walk in the door. Right before entering, the smell of vanilla, honey...

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The Importance of Being Fresh

Five years ago Capsule was invited to participate in a General Mills project to study the concept of “fresh.” The group inside was a super-secret innovation team that resembled a SEAL squad. They had the ability to drop into any situation, study it deeply, produce profound insights and then facilitate ideation sessions with brand teams.

If you’re an innovation, research or consumer behavior geek, this would have had you salivating to a degree requiring a napkin. I carried one around the entire time. We won’t get into any more detail on the findings, methods or outcomes for General Mills because I’m not willing to give up my first born.<...

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Pentawards: Top 10 of the Decade

Capsule is up for another Pentaward!

In 2009, we won a gold Pentaward for our work with Double Cross Vodka. This year, the Pentawards are rounding up the "greatest hits" in packaging to award the top 10 packages of the decade. The top 10 awards will be given at the ALL4PACK ceremony in November, and include nominees from over 25 different countries. 

"The 'greatest hits' of a decade of packaging design puts the Double Cross bottle in a class of brands with which we are proud to mingle....

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#ORshow >> Hike Far. Breathe Deep. Eat Well. Stick On. Stay Safe.

AlpineAire and Safe Reflections release new innovations at 2016 Summer OR Show

With the #RideToOR in the books and the bikes back on the rack, we are anxious to traverse the #ORshow looking for #DesignedMoments and engaging with outdoor brands from all over the world.

In preparation for the Outdoor Retailer show, we did more than navigate 400 miles of Rocky Mountain roads across Colorado and Utah. We also teamed up with our outdoor...

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Social Media Makes Fancy Food More Consumable

Stepping into the Javits Center last week for Fancy Food was exciting. After a significant hiatus, Fancy Food landed back on my networking calendar and I was amazed to see how the show had grown. Here are the most recent attendance stats from Specialty Food Association.

47,000+ industry professionals 2,670 exhibitors 400 first-time exhibitors

These numbers confirmed what my feet were telling me on the last day of the show. I need to bring a few additional team members next year to help cover ground. Really, how can one person adequately navigate these show floors that equal the size of six football fields? It certainly can’t be done on...

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I need more than the tiny spoon, please.

Capsule team members cover a lot of ground. This year alone we’ve “set up shop” in dozens of U.S. and international cities. We go where the design conversations take us. So, where am I off to this week? Capsule is headed to New York for the Fancy Food show. (If you could see my face right now you would fully understand the joy this brings...

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Our new, no-bullsh*t client plans to save the planet, and we’re on board

EcoScraps, the up-and-coming sustainable gardening company (soon to wipe out Miracle Grow) has entered our office and consumed our lunchroom conversations.

EcoScraps began in 2010 with a simple mission: grow gardens, not landfills. The company recycles food scraps into sustainable lawn and garden products. Why you ask? Because tons of millions of food is wasted every year and it sits in landfills and produces methane gas. Gross. So instead of clogging landfills and gassing the air we breathe, Ecoscraps would rather us do something about it - or rather, grow something from it.

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Package Design Magazine’s “Agency To Watch”

Capsule has come of age. 

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Capsule Wins HOW International Design Award for AlpineAire Packaging Redesign

AlpineAire Foods Packaging Redesign was chosen as a Merit winner in the most recent HOW International Design Awards.

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Think Before You Design. Please.

Over the years we have noticed a few camps in the world of design. Those who would like to see a more professional accreditation (lawyers, architects, doctors, engineers, etc). And, those who would like to see design move closer to the art influence in the discipline. 

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