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AlpineAire and Safe Reflections release new innovations at 2016 Summer OR Show

With the #RideToOR in the books and the bikes back on the rack, we are anxious to traverse the #ORshow looking for #DesignedMoments and engaging with outdoor brands from all over the world.

In preparation for the Outdoor Retailer show, we did more than navigate 400 miles of Rocky Mountain roads across Colorado and Utah. We also teamed up with our outdoor friends at Safe Reflections and AlpineAire as they set forth an aggressive new push to launch new products at the OR Show. This week, AlpineAire is unveiling their new snack series, a product line that caters to four categories of healthy snack foods, while Safe Reflections is unveiling their new line of low-light reflective tape that will increasing the awareness of runners, bikers, dog walkers and parents.

Since 1979, AlpineAire has been known for delivering a passion for food that is only exceeded by a thirst for adventure. Throughout Capsule’s long-term relationship with the AlpineAire team, we have had the pleasure of witnessing the company grow, evolve and innovate their food offerings. From our work with the signature entrees, to developing a brand new line of products and expansion of the AlpineAire brand, we have had the opportunity to grow and innovate alongside them.

“Our newly developed AlpineAire Snack Line includes unique first-to-market instant dips and super smoothies that are ready when you are, expanding when and where customers can enjoy our freeze-dried foods. We’re excited to provide outdoor enthusiasts with unique new offerings that replace typical trail snacks and also provide a delicious option beyond the backcountry and for everyday activities.”

-Shawn Hostetter, president of Katadyn North America.

This product line consists of 4 snack categories, including nut mixes, dried fruits, dips/hummus, and super smoothies. The snack line will hit retail shelves early 2017, beginning exclusively with REI and potentially ushering the AlpineAire brand into mainstream grocery in the future.

AlpineAire is passionate about the role that food plays in keeping us all happy, healthy and powerful – and Capsule is happy to play a role in that passion. With the release of their new snack line, they are able to expand their brand impact even further, fueling every part of the outdoor adventure and satisfying any craving along the way.

Like AlpineAire, Safe Reflections pursued Capsule’s design and outdoor retail expertise to create a designed moment for their new product line, Brilliant. This new line of safety reflective material seeks to 'illuminate your style' through an application to clothing, backpacks or other travel items by making a jogger, student, stroller or bike visible in low-light situations.

Safe Reflections' core business is manufacturing reflective tape using the 3M Scotchlite reflective materials. The brand has long been a mainstay in the military, construction, and athletic and professional industries, but with this new retail initiative, Capsule utilized a unique packaging design targeted to build momentum for the Safe Reflections brand when it hits the shelves soon. The result is simply Brilliant.

Safe Reflections and AlpineAire are tremendous outdoor friends of the Capsule and we are honored to help them create designed moments in preparation for the OR Show. Be sure to reach out to AaronKeller@Capsule.us to learn more about the conversations we had on the ride and at #ORShow, the importance of design for outdoor brands or our most recent book, The Physics of Brand, and be sure to follow along with us on Twitter and Instagram.

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