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In a word

Putting a name to what Capsule does can be tricky. We aren’t your run-of-the-mill agency, marketing firm or design shop. We're an altogether different breed. Settling on a single adjective is tough when you're always adding new notches to your creative toolbelt. As soon as we master a skill, we launch back into the unknown to get started on developing the next one. So if you asked us to describe what we do in a word, we guess our word would be - we can't.


Dreaming takes boulder like concepts, and skips the step of rolling them uphill in preference to launching them into space with catapults. We've curated a crew of high-functioning daydreamers that routinely test the limits of the space time continuum and endlessly asks how to make things shrink, stick, fit, flip, hint, hover, pop, whistle, disappear, inspire, mesmerize, speed up, bring forth, ring true, challenge convention, give goosebumps or work without batteries.



Do is the knock on the door, the twitch of the muscle, the flip of the switch. Do is where dreams hit the ground running. Do takes dream-charged currents of energy and puts them to work, encapsulating them in solid form for others to "ooh" and "ahh" at.



Reality is a force to be reckoned with. It blows fuses and bursts bubbles with little bias toward whom an idea belongs to. Building a strong enough vessel to hold all that meaning and purpose you've poured into your brand; while withstanding the full gravitational pull of reality is a near herculean feat. One and done solutions are mythical beasts. Continual revisions and tweaks must be made to ensure your lightbulb idea isn't shattered in the real world.



After dragons have been marked on the map and corrections to course have been carefully made, we do it all over again. And again. Until kinks have been annihilated and "problem" is just a modifier used to describe your middle child.


Work Buddies

We decided to nix niches a long time ago. We've worked indoors and outdoors. Strategized for non-profits and billion dollar industries. Researched for brands young and old. Our refusal to limit our work to one specific industry, combined with the fulfillment we get from poking problems others wouldn't touch with ten foot poles, has earned us quite the Rolodex of collaborators over the past 20 years.

International Brands

Red Wing Client
Client Logo Smartwool
Fisher Price Client
Client Logo Craftsman
Cargill Client
Herman Miller Logo
Patagonia Logo
Target Client
3 M Client
Pepsi Client
Mattel Client
John deere Client

Lifestyle Brands

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Client Logo Smartwool
Yakima Logo
Leatherman Logo
Red Wing Client
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Hydro Flask Logo
Outdoor Research Logo
Stansport Logo
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Irish Setter Client
Nemo Client

Startup Brands

Wonderly Logo
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Symyx Logo
Quirky Logo
Otso Logo
Alpine Aire Logo
Teddy Needs Bath Client 01
Savor Crafted Client 01
Rethink Client 01
Greenseam Client 01
Double Cross Client 01
75f Client 01

Business-to-Business Brands

Herman Miller Logo
Downtown Council Client
Edens Client
Grey Plant Mooty Client
Spec Mix Client
Stahl Clinet
Dynegy Client
Wipfli Client
Honeywell Client
3 Wire Client
Ecolab Client
Medtronic Client

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