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Pentawards: Top 10 of the Decade

Capsule is up for another Pentaward!

In 2009, we won a gold Pentaward for our work with Double Cross Vodka. This year, the Pentawards are rounding up the "greatest hits" in packaging to award the top 10 packages of the decade. The top 10 awards will be given at the ALL4PACK ceremony in November, and include nominees from over 25 different countries.

"The 'greatest hits' of a decade of packaging design puts the Double Cross bottle in a class of brands with which we are proud to mingle. The Pentawards is an honor in itself - being considered amongst package design firms and brands we admire is making us flush with honor."

-Aaron Keller, co-founder and managing principal

The Double Cross bottle, inspired by the Slovak coat of arms, represents the elegance of the luxury vodka's heritage.

"Our work with Double Cross vodka has been a showcase for investment scenarios, as we are shareholders in Double Cross. We have won countless awards for the bottle design, graphically and structurally. We have garnered the attention of many new clients for Capsule with this work.The Pentawards decade of packaging design honor stands on its own as a proud moment for our team at Capsule and our friends at Double Cross." -Brian Adducci, creative principal

The Pentawards are an international packaging design competition that award the best-in packaging for over 50 different categories.

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