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Capsule 18: Favorite Food Packaging Solutions

In celebration of turning 18 this year, the Capsule team takes a look at some of the things we have learned on our journey to adulthood.

This week, we are talking about two of our favorite things: food and packaging.

18. Oui by Yoplait

"The jar, combined with the simplicity and personality of the label, makes me feel like I'm sitting outside of a café in Paris enjoying a little bit of yogurt. It's parfait!" - Maddi, Marketing and Project Coordinator

17. Daisy Sour Cream Squeeze Package

We're obsessed with the functionality of this packaging design. "I LOVE sour cream – it’s one of my favorite foods and I really like the Daisy package – it’s simple and clean and the squeeze package is a gift from God. Instead of glomping your sour cream onto your food, you can control the amount and where it goes – genius!" Petra, Production Coordinator

16. Haagen-Daz Five

Haagen-Daz came out with their “Five” line about 5 years ago when the “five ingredients or less” trend was taking off. This elegant and simple design is eye-catching and makes you feel a little less guilty about your ice cream purchase – even if it is the same calorie count as the other guys.

15. Dutch Gold Honey

The original honey bear packaging container was created back in 1957 by Ralph Gamber and has since been copied by dozens of honey brands.

14. Oreos

Nabisco transformed the act of opening, eating and storing cookies when they introduced the ‘Resalable Pull Tab’ package, most notably on Oreos. The old packages had to be opened from the side seal, which often led to giant rips and other frustrations. "It was also really loud and crinkly when you tried to pull the tray out, which meant everyone could hear you sneaking cookies from the cupboard. The new package is truly easier and more enjoyable to use, and it’s a great example of a company investing in their packaging, and ultimately their customers’ happiness." - Kayla, Designer

13. Gnome Bread

"I mean, come on, you can’t help but smile when looking at this clever baguette packaging. It’s simple and practical while also being fun and inviting. In a world of plain brown bread bags, this design certainly stands out." - Lucy, Research and Strategy Associate

12. Woats

Woats have a very minimalist approach, especially compared to the competition. There are no fun mascots, patterns, or windows to see the product, as you typically see on granola and snack packaging, but instead, a simple two-color design and image of the vibrant and textural oats. Not only does the white packaging stand out among its competition providing a clean and high-end look on the shelf, but also their imagery paints a tastey picture for customers that pops.

11. Sartori Cheese

Our Wisconsin native, cheese expert, and designer Michelle loves the simple and timeless look of Sartori Cheese's packaging. "I may be heavily swayed by its deliciousness, but the branding is both classic and modern."

10. Angie's Popcorn: BOOMCHICKAPOP

Not only is this popcorn delicious, but its bright, energetic packaging makes it jump off the shelf.

9. Justin's Products

Another example of clean and simple design. "Justin’s has been BLOWING UP the past few years and I’m sure much of it can be attributed to their package design. Justin's design is clean, yet homey and approachable, which almost makes you forget at the end of the day you’re still eating peanut butter cups or a $15 jar of almond butter." - Rachel, Account Manager

8. Ben & Jerry's

"Their witty flavor names and spunky mascot really helps cover the guilt of eating an entire tub for dinner." - Michelle, Designer

7. Epic Bars

"The beautiful illustrations, subdued color palette and strong typography create a very rich and textured brand. The packaging conveys an authentic connection to natural resources, and a respect for the animals and their place in humanity’s dietary history." - Kayla, Designer

6. Krave Beef Jerkey

Many of us are fond of Krave's latest packaging designs, which stand out with its patterned illustrations and vibrant colors. "It was one of the first packages I saw that made jerky appeal to more artisan sensibilities." says Beth, one of our designers. Another designer, Emma agrees: "I love the sophistication and old-timey feel of this package system. The stoic animal illustration certainly feel (for lack of a better word) epic."

5. White Bites

Dog's gotta eat too! You can't even try to hide a smile with this design. "The clear window in front shows the customer exactly what to expect and the playful imagery makes you want to spoil your pup with the best," says our Research and Strategy Associate, Lucy. Her dog, Lola agrees.

4. The Bees Knees Honey

You can't beat this detail. I mean, diecut honey bees? Really? This is honey fit for a Queen bee.

3. Talenti Gelato

"I love the simplicity and elegance of this packaging. The clear container highlights the beautiful colors of the flavor varieties. I can't look at it without wanting to find a spoon and dig in. Bellissimo!" - Emma, Designer

2. Lean Cuisine Marketplace Frozen Meals

"I love black packaging especially in foods – it looks sharp and demands attention. The food shot looks great and the type treatment is homey and comforting, just like every frozen meal should feel like when you’re eating it" - Petra, Production Coordinator

1. Mast Chocolate

We're chocolate fanatics here at Capsule (check out our World Chocolate Day blog post), especially when it comes to a delicious chocolate wrapped in a beautiful packaging. Mast meets both criteria.

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