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In honor of World Chocolate Day, we had some of our packaging and design experts weigh in on some of the best chocolate brands and unwrap what makes them unique.

"This chocolate packaging is great because there are so many styles and details to discover, yet they all feel cohesive." - Kayla, Designer

Dick Taylor Collection
"I chose this brand because as soon as you look at the package, it takes you away from the store shelf to the exotic locale of the chocolate’s origin. The packaging also feels hand drawn, alluding to hand crafted chocolate. It has the name of a person as the brand so it feels personally made. This package does everything right." - Dave, Account Manager

"Toblerone is the only package I can think of that has a triangle shape that keeps the chocolate in tact which makes it super recognizable. You could probably guess it was a Toblerone chocolate bar without the name printed on the package - it's very memorable and unique." - Rachel, Account Manager

Mast Chocolate
"Simple and intriguing, the design of the packaging for each chocolate flavor feels like high-end wrapping paper, and what is chocolate other than a gift to yourself or someone else? Premium and simple in an "artisan crafted" kind of way." - Beth, Designer

"Their packaging is sophisticated, unique, and the design varies from bar to bar. It makes you feel like you are unwrapping a gift." - Lucy, Research and Strategy Associate

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