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Capsule 18: Favorite Beverage Packaging Solutions

In celebration of turning 18 this year, the Capsule team takes a look at some of the things we have learned on our journey to adulthood.

This week, we take a look at 18 refreshing beverage packaging designs.

18. Stumptown Coffee

"I am always drawn to the Stumptown cold brew when I see it in the store. The packaging makes me think of the cartons of milk we used to get in elementary school, and after standing in the fridge staring at the packaging, one usually finds its way into my cart." -Maddi, Project Coordinator

17. Califia Farms

Account manager, Rachel loves the unique bottling and eye poping design of Califia Farms, a brand that makes a variety of non-dairy beverages. "Most non-dairy beverages come in a standard half gallon carton with tons of color, illustrations, and/or photography. By going the complete opposite route and keeping their design clean, simple, and fresh, Califia Farms stands out on the shelf."

16. RSVTea

"Inspired by RSVtea’s dedication to celebration and inclusivity, this package was designed to be bright, friendly and approachable," said Emma, our primary designer working with RSVtea. "We wanted this package to feel like a modern take on a homey midwestern quilt, energetic and inviting." Check out an exclusive look at our newest skinny can designs!

15. Bota Box Wine

"The design of this box is functionally great because there’s no cork to deal with and it keeps for longer. Besides that, the simple and clean 'organic' feel of their visual identity appeals to me." - Rachel, Account Manager

14. LaCroix Cúrate

We wouldn't be a creative firm if we didn't mention our favorite fizzy drink (although Diet Coke is a close contender). The slim, vibrant La Croix Cúrate cans place us where we want to be: on an island, drinking sweet flavored water, musing over cool designs.

13. Schroeder

When we introduced this new bottling and packaging design to Schroeder, there was nothing remotely close to it in the milk industry. We began our project with extensive research, studying purchasing behaviors in the grocery store and specifically studying commodities like milk, which customers typically don't think twice about. With the insight that customers want a quick read and quick buy, we came up with this eye-catching and minimal design that bodly focuses on what customers want to know. Creative Principal, Brian adds, "we were among the first to find a solution to strict food and beverage packaging rules about vertical and angled type. By adding in the adjacent horizontal information about the milk next to the large vertical text, the large colorful text became a functional visual graphic with its own language."

12. Coca-Cola

Kayla, one of our fabulous designers, chose Coca-Cola as a favorite beverage package. "I’ve always liked the 2ndlives campaign that Coca-Cola launched in select Asian countries. To combat waste and promote reusing and recycling, they designed 16 custom caps that made each bottle usable in a different way – including things like pencil sharpeners, bubble wands, spray bottles, noisemakers and dumbbells."

11. Pepsi

We can't just include Coke without including Pepsi. We love watching the evolution of both of these brands over time and the way they are continually pushing one another with brilliant campaigns, like the one above created for Fashion Week 2017 in Shanghai. "Coke and Pepsi are amazing competitors that continue to push innovation. The beverage category wouldn’t be the same without these two continuing to challenge each other. Both of their package designs are intriguing to me because they change constantly. I am always interested to see what they’ll do next," says Kitty, Director of Client Experience.

10. Tempt Cider

Our designer, Kayla also loves the Tempt cider packaging: "The opulent, detailed illustrations, paired with the classic numerals, creates a package that lives up to its name – tempting."

9. San Pellegrino

Designer, Emma appreciates this timeless and tasty design. "The style of this packaging feels classic, appetizing and modern all at the same time. Also, that foil on top of the can helps it feel like a real treat."

8. Archer Farms Coffee

These coffee packages are infused with colorful illustrations that give a flavor for where each blend of coffee was harvested, or how to enjoy it. Beth, designer, appreciates the simplicity of it as well. "The type system is clean, simple and straightforward to aid in easy navigation, and the illustrations give each package a life of its own."

7. Double Cross Vodka

We're very proud of the work we did with Double Cross, a premium vodka brand designed to target a more sophisticated audience. Inspired by the unlikely pairing of James Bond with Slovakian heritage, this vodka bottle and packaging certainly shook and stirred the alcohol industry. Our Creative Principal, Brian who worked on the project explained the spawning of this edgy design. "We originally wanted to have a cap that pulled back, almost like when 007 loads his gun. While the final cap didn't end up having this feature, it led us to the rectangular bottling structure and certainly invokes the cool factor of the brand. We also included strong Slovakian pieces of heritage with Slovakian calligraphy written across the bottle."

6. Dasani Sparkling Water

"Simple, unique fruit illustrations featured on each can and box simply depict the flavor of each water, adding in a subtle fizzy feel. The design is minimal and to-the-point, but with a playful, illustrative edge." - Beth, Designer

5. Insight Brewery

"I love this system of packaging because of the off-beat and bold illustration style. The bright colors really make it stand out, not to mention the playful naming applied to each brew." - Kayla, Designer

4. Spindrift

Spindrift’s packaging design tells a simple story quickly and with impact – real fruit, bubbles, and water. Our research and strategy associate, Lucy was impressed with this packaging for that very reason. "Aware of limited attentions spans, Spindrift’s design uses white space, simple watercolor illustrations of fruit on the center of the can, and minimal words to connect with the consumer and show what’s inside the package immediately."

3. Take 16

Named after the highway that runs alongside the Southern MN brewery, the brand identity and packaging was developed by Capsule. It balances a sense of quality with down home rustic MN vibes. Each brew features a small town mainstay or tradition that represent the town where the beer is brewed.

2. Jack Daniels

"The labeling and the bottle structure holds true to its legendary and historic past. This family of whiskeys is cohesive and exudes the story and strong, more masculine personality of the brand." - Michelle, Designer

1. Izze

"Izze is just beautiful design. It exudes 'refreshing.' The design makes me both thirsty and refreshed at the same time." - Kitty, Director of Client Experience


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