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Think & Link is Capsule's speaker series, featuring conversations with leading minds in design, retail, innovation, sustainability, entrepreneurship and marketing. We strive to inspire bold ideas, cultivate unlikely connections and promote lifelong curiosity in our community.

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Event

Think & Link with Dan Buettner and Scott Lien

August 22, 2024 | 3:00 PM CDT | In-Person

Join us for our August Think & Link!

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Speaker snippets

No need to wait for the turn of the century to unearth inspiring ideas from our previous events. Enlightening excerpts from past speakers can be found below.

From our speakers

“The Capsule Think & Link series was a wonderful intellectual discussion on the perceptions and perils of entrepreneurship, leadership and building a long lasting brand. I thoroughly enjoyed delivering some inspiration for a great audience. Thank you for having me on the stage with Ryan Waymire of FabFitFun.”

— Kara Goldin, Founder and CEO, Hint Inc.

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A headshot of Kara Goldin reviewing Capsule's Think and Link speaker series.

From our speakers

"The Think & Link discussion with James Damian was a great way to express what I think everyone was feeling about the importance of community, culture and design while we all faced the uncertainty of a global pandemic. It was an inspired conversation."

— Mauro Porcini, SVP &Chief Design Officer, PepsiCo.

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A headshot of Mauro Porcini reviewing Capsule's Think and Link speaker series.

From our speakers

“Thank you Capsule team for putting on the Think & Link series. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Claire Coder on the challenges, opportunities and obligations that come with entrepreneurship. It was a wonderful pairing for learning, all around.”

— Kate Mortenson, Founder and CEO, iPondr

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A headshot of Kate Mortenson reviewing Capsule Think and Link speaker series.

From our speakers

"Capsule has created a wonderful, welcoming environment for creative professionals and business leaders to exchange ideas. Speaking at Think & Link was not only an opportunity to share my knowledge with an engaged audience, but also learn from other experts in the room."

— Terry Wu, Neuromarketer

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A headshot of Terry Wu reviewing Capsule's Think and Link speaker series.

Take Center Stage

From Fortune 500 executives to successful start up founders, neuroscientists to chief design officers, we love engaging with diverse, brand-centric leaders with a perspective to share. Think you or a friend fit the bill? Reach out to nominate a speaker.

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