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An Interview with Endless Coast

We're observing the year's most highly anticipated holiday by cracking open a conversation with client, and VP of Brand for Curaleaf Select, Sydney Chernish, to refresh ourselves on one of our favorite full brand builds in recent Capsule history, Endless Coast cannabis infused seltzers.

We ask Sydney about the most recent changes and challenges facing cannabis today, the value to be found at the intersection of bud and brand, and what she loves most about Endless Coast.

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    What’s the biggest change you’re seeing in the cannabis industry right now?

    Overall, it’s amazing to see the momentum growing behind the support of cannabis – from new states legalizing that we thought would be long-shots, to President Biden’s recent federal pardon and call to deschedule cannabis. We are coming to a turning point in our country and society, and it makes me very excited.

    How is Endless Coast bridging the gap between regular cannabis users and the “Canna-curious?”

    Endless Coast was designed to appeal to and be accessible to the canna-curious, as well as for current consumers who are looking to enjoy cannabis in new occasions. We used water-soluble nanotechnology that is designed to offer a similar experience to alcohol in usage and effect, which the average American consumer is more comfortable with. With Endless Coast, the cannabis is absorbed much faster than traditional edibles so consumers have more control of their experience. It’s the consumer’s choice if they want to build upon their dose, and over what time period.

      How do you see the relationship between effective branding and the successful expansion of cannabis markets through new legalization efforts? How can branding assist cannabis legalization move forward?

      Branding at its core is a way of wayfinding. As new consumers come into the category, and as innovative new products hit shelves, I believe it’s on the brand marketers to help consumers find the right product for them and to clearly explain the experience they should expect. The last thing we want is for a new person to come into a dispensary and have a bad experience. We want to create products that excite people and to give them the experience they want. It’s kind of like match making!

      How does Endless Coast differentiate itself in a surging swell of seltzer competitors? How do you believe the newly created brand exhibits this brand’s unique offering through visual language and messaging?

      Endless Coast is meant to evoke a feeling, a state of mind. The brand is based in a beach that could be anywhere – wherever your favorite spot to relax and enjoy life is. It’s a reminder to slow down and enjoy the people around you and the experience you’re in, which is something I personally enjoy about cannabis in general.

      How did your team feel they were able to contribute to Capsule’s creative process during ideation?

      We love working with Capsule because it feels like a team effort and is very iterative and natural. We have internal creative resources that we don’t want to cut out of the process by using an agency, and Capsule takes our feedback and ideas with grace and then builds on them and makes them better. Some of our best work over the past year has come from this collaborative and iterative process.

      What part of this brand build have you enjoyed most?

      I love the vibrant persona we’ve been able to build around Endless Coast. When I first saw the packaging design, the whole world around it popped off the page and I could imagine it immediately – from the sweatshirts to beach towels, to hopefully a vehicle that we get to kit out someday!

      Still thirsty for more on Endless Coast? Check out the full brand build case study, here.

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