Do fences matter in intellectual property?

Why you need to start from a distinct plot of intellectual property.

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What makes a name memorable?

Why it matters for your brand to be memorable.

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When is a brand name irrelevant?

The importance of relevancy to your brand name.

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Why is naming so f*%king hard?

Three things to know before you start to name anything.

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A Familiar Story in Naming

Do you have a familiar naming story to share?

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Ms. Tess doesn't need a costume to be scary

Naming is frightening when you don't know what's in store.

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Hold your name carefully

So you don't end up crying over spilt meaning.

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Naming and A Bridge

This adventure began more than a decade ago, but continues to play itself out at random moments.

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Yale or Dummer?

What if Yale was Dummer?

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