FUSE for Thought with Truman's Jon Bostock

Capsule's Kelly Leighton had a chance to sit down with Truman's CEO, Jon Bostock for a 1 on 1 interview.

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FUSE for Thought with Medline's Christine Mau

Medline's Senior Brand Strategy Director, Christine Mau, dishes on Design Thinking.

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On Brain with Terry Wu: Part 2

Terry Wu returns to talk ethics, engagement and required reading for brain-wave junkies.

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On Brain with Terry Wu: Part 1

Neuromarketer Terry Wu guides us through the convoluted recesses of the human mind.

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Death by Data Dump

Making the most of your digital analytics

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On Brand with Brandless

A conversation with Chief Merchant, Rachael Vegas

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Designing A Promise

An interview with our designer, Emma Rotilie on our work with our friends at Pinky Swear Foundation.

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Riding the Wave of Risk

No matter how young or old we are we must continue to find ways to mix it up and keep it fresh – in our lives and our careers.

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Zombie Apocalypse: Brilliant

Sometimes, when we are doing innovation, it is easy to dismiss the emotional needs that a product might be able to satisfy. Regardless of the type of innovation, people want to buy products from people that understand them.

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No disrespect to MC Hammer, but...

Can Touch This.