The Coremark brand logo design image of person's arm working metals.

Coremark Metals

The Challenge

With a former alias of Discount Steel being represented by a faceless caricature hefting a plethora of pipes, the industrial metals company run by spouses, John and Diane Dormanen had long known they had outgrown their brand.

Once just a small distributor of affordable, repurposed steel parts, the company has grown into a nationally recognized steel retailer and distributor of premium quality metals and comprehensive services that meet needs for anything from a homeowner’s weekend project to complex building construction materials for Fortune 500 customers like Tesla and Lockheed Martin.

This gradual company evolution brought the Discount Steel team to Capsule, tasking us with better representing the resulting business and respected culture of professionalism, compassion and high caliber experience Discount Steel had built and been providing for decades.

The Coremark Metals brand logo design with shield and name over transparent background.

THE solution

The Discount Steel team fully embraced the full rebranding process, from Capsule’s proprietary Foundations brand strategy to a new name and complete reconstruction of their visual system. Capsule developed the name, Coremark Metals, a symbol of the brand’s unwavering value system and the strength and precision inherent in their work.

The Coremark brand logo design shield over transparent background.
The logomark

Crafting a mark for a brand that crafts well. The new logo shield is emblematic of Norse runes, inspired both by the family’s Nordic heritage and the shaping of metal.


This name evokes centrality and focus. It’s about identifying the root of a problem, the essence of a given situation and steering one’s attention directed towards it. When strength is at the core, the overall structure is more balanced and resilient

Coremark workdmark


With strong new colors and sharp, precise angled details, the logo and accompanying visual system of branded elements allow Coremark to express strength, stability and confidence throughout their space and on delivery trucks criss-crossing the country.

The Coremark Metals brand logo design guidelines for brochure, business cards and presentation.
The Coremark Metals brand logo design image of shop with metals and logo.
The Coremark Metals brand logo design on billboard with sky background.
The Coremark Metals brand logo design with Store Hours on reflective glass.
The Coremark Metals brand logo design on building signage with blue sky.
The Coremark Metals brand logo design on display in retail space.
The Coremark Metals brand logo design on retail and office space for retail design.
The Coremark Metals brand logo design on semi truck trailer design.
The Coremark Metals brand logo design on wall sign just showing shield.
The Coremark Metals brand logo design on gauge.
The Coremark Metals brand logo design on reflective material.
The Coremark Metals brand logo design on gifts for employees.

Star Tribune

"There’s something to learn here: not how the owners did this but why, as it seems to reflect a lot of good thinking about how to build a successful firm. Once being called Discount Steel made a lot of sense. Now Coremark Metals marks a big step forward.” — Lee Schafer, Star Tribune

THE Impact

The successful rebrand would not have been possible without the support and careful launch of the new brand by Coremark leaders and employees that rallied around the process. The Coremark team worked incredibly hard to strategically introduce and launch Coremark to the world with teaser billboards, robust communications and a powerful visual rollout.

The transformed brand not only creates opportunity to bring new customers through the door, but also reminds longstanding partners and employees of the steadfast team and high quality work that has always been present. Capsule couldn’t be prouder to work with partners like Coremark and contribute to their hard work and enduring legacy.

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