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What Do We Use to Signal a New Leadership Team?

Perhaps a new leadership team has been brought in to prepare the company for an eventual sale in five years. Perhaps the next generation is taking over the family business. Or perhaps a turnaround is nearing completion and a new growth focused leadership team is coming on board. Whatever the reason for the new team, a signal should be sent to both external and internal audiences, and a refresh to the brand mark is a great opportunity to send this message.

We at Capsule have seen all three of the scenarios above. Each one has had its own unique nuances, but all have come down to a need to signal change with the largest brand device available.

Your brand mark, in its simplest form, is a graphical icon with a brand name, designed to represent something larger than itself. In its largest form, your brand mark is a symbol for all the history and heritage, while also containing the trust people have put in your product, offering or experience. The change in a brand mark should be parallel in scale to the change in leadership. It should be able to signal this change and start a conversation with employees, partners, customers or consumers as to what’s changed and why.

The Stahl Construction team led by Jessie Houlihan and Ha Lam was looking to signal a new leadership team and the brand mark was a great way to show the importance of this change.

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The symbolism of a dramatic refresh alone was not enough. The design needed to represent the future of the firm while giving a nod to the firm’s rich heritage.

The bird references flight and looking upward, looking to the structure of a building corner offering stability and safety. And, finally the entire logo forms a shield to fight for clients and the communities where they build. The change was visually dramatic and a perfect match to how much passion the leadership change brought to the business.

If you’re looking to signal a change in your business, please reach out.

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