A wine top wrapper for Winehaven wine, with logo design embossed.


With three generations of winemakers behind them, a family turned a passion for hard work into award-winning wines. WineHaven Winery approached Capsule with a wine that had won 24 awards, but a package that didn’t stand out on the shelf. The result is new packaging that delivers visibility and ultimately, more sales.

A Winehaven logo and word mark design in black on a white background.

The wine industry has seen immense growth in small, family-owned wineries. Along with competition, WineHaven faced another challenge. It is located in Minnesota. It overcame both by picking varietals thriving in the harsh climate and applied classic winemaking skills to produce wines, surprising winemaking communities on both coasts. Having received 24 awards for its wines in one year, WineHaven found the need to create a wine label reflective of the standard of quality it had achieved.

Five Winehaven wine bottles with unique label design for five flavors.

While awards are great for those who know wine, the average consumer still needs to find the wine on the shelf. Our opportunity was to create a package design that helped WineHaven put a face on its award-winning wines and helped gain more shelf presence – a daunting task with the number of wines available at your local retailer.

With little budget for research, we used our proprietary journaling process to discover as much information as we could about WineHaven’s past, present and future. Findings from the journaling process helped determine that, while the classic allure of winemaking was important, a modern look was the image the family desired.


“To celebrate our 10th Anniversary, we wanted to showcase not just our award-winning wines, but the unique spirit of our winery. Capsule took the time to understand our family and business then designed to build upon our tradition while enhancing our retail presence.” — Cheri Peterson, WineHaven, President

The branding, label and packaging design for Winehaven winery brand Slippery Slope product line.
the bottle design

The concept is revealed as you hold the bottle in your hand and see how the delicious, hand-crafted luxury is borne of patience and snow-covered hillsides.

Slippery Slope packaging and label design for Winehaven winery.

Extending into Ice Wines, WineHaven Winery needed an identity and packaging design that would jump off the shelf as a premium gift or impulse purchase. A custom illustration that wraps around the bottle shares the story of Mother Nature nurturing the grapes and Old Man Winter freezing the grapes.

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