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Dinner Bell Creamery

the Challenge
How does a storied dairy cooperative go about celebrating half a century of success in producing quality dairy products for some of the world’s most celebrated food brands? By creating their own consumer-facing brand, of course. Associated Milk Producers Inc. tapped Capsule to breathe life into Dinner Bell Creamery.

Beginning with developing a name, identity system, and messaging strategy, Capsule used these pillars to build out a multi-sku packaging system and a full website to effectively launch the brand from farm to market.

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The logo is strong and simple, emblematic of a dinner bell ringing loud and clear. Friendly and bold, it encapsulates the simple, but meaningful story of calling everyone together for a shared meal and valued memories.

The name

You can’t talk about something until you know what to call it, so Capsule implemented its novel naming approach to uncover Dinner Bell Creamery. The name invokes homey, nostalgic feelings, reminiscent of a warm and inviting sound meant to call everyone around the family table.

Dinner Bell Name
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The multi-sku packaging system for the award-winning butter and cheese builds on the essence of family farm values and displays this in the form of “Farmhouse Rules” written by Dinner Bell Creamery farmers that are featured on each flavor-locking butter wrap.

Dinner Bell Message A
Dinner Bell Co Op Dark

Focusing on not only consumers but the farmers responsible for crafting Dinner Bell butter and cheese, messaging took note of the ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality held by Dinner Bell Co-op farmers. Messaging highlights the intense diligence required to craft with care while balancing a fun-loving demeanor that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Dinner Bell Rule 00
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THE impact : A launch featuring farmers first

Once packaging efforts were successfully wrapped, Capsule got to work translating the freshly developed Dinner Bell Creamery brand identity into an effective brand launch, designing the website and providing art direction on promotional materials. We also partnered with Acowsay Cinema to craft Dinner Bell’s brand anthem and short spots centering around Dinner Bell farmer family stories.

Dinner Bell Creamery butter and cheese has been enjoying a successful and ongoing brand launch process, finding enthusiastic retail and foodservice partners to roll out product and building a dedicated fanbase in every home where Dinner Bell butter and cheese touches a family table.

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