The Verse Chocolate brand design image of cacao pods and a bag of beans.

Verse Chocolate


Breaking into a bustling product category with a startup is no task for the faint of heart. So, when KSW Global approached Capsule to help identify a white space in dark chocolate and build a brand from the ground up, we cleansed our palates and got to work.

The Verse Chocolate brand design image of chocolate bars.

a white space in dark chocolate

We immersed ourselves in the world of chocolate, conducting exploratory research to better understand who the new product would be for and how it could stand out in a sea of chocolates currently on the shelf. The results defined a clear gap in the market for a chocolate that not only tastes great, but is better for you as well. This opportunity drove the subsequent product development and surrounding brand strategy.

CAP Verse CS Social 12


Capsule used its one of a kind naming process to uncover the name Verse. A new note in dark chocolate, Verse, gets at the idea that when you want to say something worth saying, you take the time to say it well.

tasting new limits

With naming complete, it was time to get to work on the piece of the puzzle we were most anxiously awaiting: taste testing. Delving into new, yet delicious, territory in our research capabilities, Capsule helped Verse conduct extensive taste testing, tweaking the recipe until a taste profile was formed that could deliver on the Verse’s promise of “Dark Done Better.”

The Verse Chocolate brand design with four individual medallions falling with brand name on them.

penning brand prose

Next, we put our words to work, penning the prose that Verse Chocolate would need to carefully communicate the unique, almost unbelievable, promise of less sugar, more cacao and better taste to audiences ranging from customers to retail buyers to investors with headlines and key messages that would both educate and entice.

The Verse Chocolate brand design illustration with Shakespeare quote on tan background.
The Verse Chocolate brand design tagline Dark Done Better on a green background.
The Verse Chocolate brand design with 90 and Chocolate Sung to a Different Tune on tan background.
The Verse Chocolate brand logo design on a transparent background.


The mark uses the inspiration of cadence, poetry and playing with words to embody the idea of Verse Chocolate in the form of Morse code, with dots and dashes that spell a short, sweet and memorable abbreviation of “VC.”

putting our mark on a meltable mediuM

Packaging this delectable treat into a memorable experience became a major focus of this project, from the container it was stored in, to the actual form the chocolate would take itself. Capsule iterated dozens of chocolate prototypes, meticulously perfecting shape and size down to the last millimeter to create the ideal serving size, snap-ability and tasting experience. With a finishing touch of engraving the Verse logo onto the chocolate itself, these perfect medallions were ready to be packaged up.

Wrapped in individual pouches inside a matte foldable box, the packaging structure, material, design and physical experience of unboxing the chocolate became equally as important as form factor in dictating a premium experience.

The Verse Chocolate brand design packaging with three boxes of chocolate on transparent.
The Verse Chocolate brand design with 90% cacao per medallion in a seal over a green background.
The Verse Chocolate brand design packaging for three individual medallions of chocolate.
The Verse Chocolate brand design illustrations of spoon, cacao pod and medallion.
The Verse Chocolate brand design pattern over dark green background.
The Verse Chocolate brand design ecommerce website on tablet, desktop and mobile screens.

it's nice to share

To launch the new brand, Capsule applied the newly developed identity and brand to the worldwide web, managing the ideation, creation and production of a new website along with a comprehensive launch of social assets, channels and corresponding marketing campaigns.

The Verse Chocolate brand design social media art and copy in a pattern.


“With decades in the cocoa industry I have deep knowledge of the chocolate supply chain and the importance of transparency to consumers. Yet I’ve wondered if there is a better way to craft chocolate, support the farmers and design a delicious dark chocolate product. I engaged Capsule to help me craft, position, design and bring our brand story to life. From the beginning, Capsule immersed themselves in the industry, my journey and helped shape the Verse brand – from product design, to naming, to logo, the brand narrative and the packaging design, the Capsule team was my trusted partner from early stage development to launch. And the result is a brand story and experience that has everyone humming a new Verse, healthy dark chocolate.” — Scott Walker, Founder, Verse Chocolate

the result

Verse Chocolate was successfully launched for e-commerce and social channels just in time for the holiday season and has made its way into the daily routines of many. Verse is currently hard at work developing new flavor SKUs to continue to give those who try it an idea of what chocolate was always meant to taste like.

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