A cut loaf of bread for savor crafted bread branding and promotions.

Baldinger Bakery

Baldinger Bakery came to Capsule to design a brand for their new line of gourmet hamburger buns. The new Savor Crafted logo, name, and package design exemplifies Baldinger Bakery's goal to produce a premium line of hamburger buns. The product and brand are designed for the health and quality conscious grill master.

A savor crafted logo design in color on a white background.
Savor crafted packaging and branding designs on roasted potato bun and ancient grains bun bag.


“Capsule’s design approach engaged our ownership team in a manner that instilled confidence. We’re thrilled with the Savor Crafted ™ brand identity, and the powerful on-shelf impact that’s been created. We now feel we’re set-up to win." — Rob Burch, Executive Vice President of Business, Strategy, and Growth

Savor crafted packaging design on production assembly line.
Savor crafted packaging and branding designs on bags of buns lined up.
Fresh buns photograph for Savor crafted bread branding and photography.

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