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Baldinger Bakery

Baldinger Bakery came to Capsule to design a brand for their new line of gourmet hamburger buns. The new Savor Crafted logo, name, and package design exemplifies Baldinger Bakery's goal to produce a premium line of hamburger buns. The product and brand are designed for the health and quality conscious grill master.

Savor Logo
Savor Package 2


“Capsule’s design approach engaged our ownership team in a manner that instilled confidence. We’re thrilled with the Savor Crafted ™ brand identity, and the powerful on-shelf impact that’s been created. We now feel we’re set-up to win." — Rob Burch, Executive Vice President of Business, Strategy, and Growth

CAP Savor Packaging 03
CAP Savor Packaging B
CAP Savor Packaging 04

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