Promotional photography for Schwinn of a cyclist in motion.


Schwinn is an iconic brand that was in need of a serious design embrace. Capsule was asked by one of the largest retailers, Target, and the new owners, Pacific Cycle, to help breathe new life into the Schwinn brand.

Schwinn bicycle tube packaging showing front and back branding and graphics.

Capsule helped Schwinn improve the consumer experience in retailers’ aisles. Starting with a thorough briefing, then moving to packaging design, the system of 80 SKUs was in desperate need of consolidation in footprint and improvement in design aesthetics. Capsule worked with the internal team at Schwinn to update the brand across a number of the essential touch points.

Schwinn frame pump product and packaging with structural and graphic design.

We removed lead-based metals from the packages, did away with blister packs and bags, and reduced the total amount of resources consumed by the Schwinn brand. This appealed to Target and Walmart, as well as the average loyal Schwinn consumer.


"We worked with Capsule to redesign our Schwinn Bicycle Parts and Accessory packaging. They were exceptional at taking the brand attributes and bringing them to life on the packaging. Capsule collaborated with us to get the needed consumer insights. They adapted the packaging to the needs of the customer while still focusing on the brand and how it would be perceived by the retailers.” — Alice Tillett, President at Pacific Cycle

Schwinn tri-layer grips secured in branded packaging structure and graphics.
Bike helmet packaging structure and graphics holding product.

Part of our process included testing with comprehensive, in-store consumer testing to ensure success. The results identified issues to be addressed and helped secure a successful launch of the new packaging.

We created a new aesthetic that leverages Schwinn’s unique vintage cool. The result is a refurbished American icon, more relevant, more responsible and more valuable. A great story of design thinking put into action and delivering results on two wheels.

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