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Pacha Liquid Soap

The Challenge

The epitome of a brand that manages to do well and do good simultaneously, Pacha Soap was seeking to expand their philanthropic reach through offering up a new liquid soap product. Aware that the market was already extremely saturated within the soap aisles, Pacha approached Capsule to conduct in-aisle research to test soap bottle design concepts and give the brand the best chance possible to nail the pitch selling into a retail setting.

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Capsule then took to the aisle to get feedback from Pacha’s core audience on packaging concepts. Conducting in-person interviews in the store enabled Capsule to better replicate the shopping environment for participants, and more thoroughly probe on brand perceptions, competitors and gain new insights on the liquid soap category.

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The Solution

Building a better bottle. With plenty to say and even more questions to answer, Pacha needed assistance developing a design and messaging hierarchy for their liquid soap packaging that would not only visually stand out on a crowded shelf, but make sense to the consumer when picked up and navigated further. In close partnership with the Pacha team, Capsule developed multiple bottle design concepts that explored varying visual styles, content hierarchies and messaging iterations.

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The Impact

We analyzed and synthesized until the sun went down, compiling a detailed report for Pacha, to provide Pacha consumer-driven insights and unmatched confidence and that would inform the final package design direction and product launch. You can now find Pacha’s Premium Hand Wash online and at select Whole Foods nationwide.

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