A promotional image for FutureDude with two individuals next to a rocket in space.


FutureDude's advanced storytelling techniques are reinventing the audience experience. Designing this brand from the roots up required encompassing the studio's desire to educate audiences on advancing humanity and to constantly strive for a more innovative future by questioning reality and motivating potential.

FutureDude logo and word mark designed in color on a white background.
An open and closed folder for FutureDude promotions, designed and branded with custom graphics.
Two FutureDude branded business cards designed with technical graphics and the logo.

Capsule began this process by working through our proprietary research process to define the brand personality, audiences, collaborators and brand promise. Once this strategy was in place, Capsule moved on to developing the design to express the brand’s intent of balancing education and entertainment. The result is a unique visual identity that conveys FutureDude’s storytelling philosophy. As the entertainment brand continues to grow and diversify, the client continues to have an ongoing relationship with Capsule, including the design for the Parallel Man, Brainstorm and Oceanus series of adventures.

A graphic look book designed and branded for FutureDude movie promotion.
A vertical FutureDude logo in color on a white background.
Logo Design

A rollercoaster tear through time, space and parallel dimensions, Parallel Man is an illustrated comic mini-series, a universe-hopping mobile game, and a 14-minute animated short slated to become a feature-length film.

Parallel Man: Infinite Pursuit follows Commander Nick Morgan, an intelligence agent from an evil version of America in an alternate universe. His government, known as The Ascendancy, has attacked and enslaved eleven other Earths — and has set its sights on our world next.

A designed Parallel Man logo in orange on a white background.
A designed Brainstorm film logo
logo design

The prodigious scientist Dr. Cale Isaacs is the creator of Project Zephyr: a successful weather control system that, after being funded by the U.S. military, is eventually confiscated and recklessly tested on a tropical storm.

Now a thrilling six-issue mini-series and trade paperback, Brainstorm is being developed as a feature-length film.

This is ground control to Major Tom.