Nemo Equipment brand packaging design retail display of product types and packages.

NEMO Equipment

NEMO Equipment is built on its focus in innovation, technology and creating premium products. With the design philosophy, “We won’t bring anything to market that doesn’t offer a meaningfully better experience,” the reputable outdoor equipment company sought an update to their sleeping pad packaging to better match these core pillars and promises.

Nemo Equipment brand packaging design in display of package varieties on white background.

Capsule designed a comprehensive and flexible sleeping pad packaging system that accommodates 14 sizes and 32 different SKUs. Capsule designed a unique eight-sided packaging structure made from recyclable material that appears distinctive and modern on the shelf.

Nemo Equipment brand packaging design for one product on white background.

For the graphic design of the package, product navigation was especially important to help shoppers distinguish between the 32 different SKUs. Using color, clean product photography and technical illustrations, the package allows for a simpler sleeping pad shopping experience. Able to sit, stack or hang, the new package system is flexible for any and all merchandising methods, ensuring its exceptional product and design will be fully accentuated in all retail environments.

Nemo Equipment brand packaging design showing details and iconography on packages.
Nemo Equipment brand packaging design in tower display of packages.


“After a careful evaluation process, we selected Capsule as our partner to revitalize our sleeping pad packaging. They worked with us in lockstep, listening carefully to our needs, providing thoughtful insights at every step, counseling from a wealth of experience, and going above and beyond to bring a beautiful, successful, and effective line of packaging to life. Our sales have increased significantly in the new packaging, and Capsule has become a go-to partner for ongoing projects, big and small.” — Kate Paine, VP of Marketing, NEMO Equipment

Nemo Equipment brand packaging design in full product line display.

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