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20/20 Brand Solutions, a trusted provider of company-branded stores and customized products, wanted to shed their old brand and find their footing in an entirely new identity. Capsule stepped in to help make it happen.

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The name, Foxtrot, sprung from the idea of performing something technical and creative with both quickness and accuracy, similar to the way the brand leads its partners through a project with ease. Messaging balanced a professional, trusting tone with lighthearted plays on the idea of a business running like a well-choreographed dance.

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NOUN: {fox-trot}

A combination of long strides and precise steps that results in footwork that is elegant and purposeful. It’s a movement so equally balanced in quickness and accuracy that it has ceased to become a mere motion and instead, a dance.

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The playful name inspired an equally playful visual language. Leaning into bright imagery and colors, sharp lines and patterns, the fox logo points forward with focused direction and conveys a professional and sophisticated feel paired with a modern serif typography.

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Designing a digital experience that would help current and prospective clients learn about the solutions and benefits Foxtrot has to offer along with organizing offering information in an approachable way was a critical component of the new website. The layers of materials, products and e-commerce integration made it necessary to have clear CTA’s and a strategic content flow that wouldn’t overwhelm visitors.

The new website leans into iconography and photographs of real people to break up detailed information with a sense of warmth. Infusing the bold and bright system elements against a bright backdrop allows content to pop and provides simple reading and navigation.

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The Result

“The Capsule team applied great design-thinking to our project. The result is a new brand that more accurately represents our energy and commitment to helping our customers succeed.”

– Cindy Matalamaki
Marketing and Communications Director, Foxtrot

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