Hexa Recreational Products

How do you captivate the consumer of today as a niche-specialty retailer? When customization and personalization are king, it’s often difficult for small retail players to compete with big brands and mega-retailers while turning a profit at the same time. When New Normal Consulting approached Capsule on behalf of high-end manufacturer, Hexa Recreational Products, the inkling of an idea for a customizable jacket kiosk was present. Capsule’s job? Turn that inkling into tangible reality.

Hexa Display A
Hexa Display Store A
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Hexa Detail A

The custom jacket kiosks were initially displayed at two boutique outdoor stores: Ute Mountaineer in Aspen, CO. and Midwest Mountaineering in Minneapolis, MN., and were received by consumers with rousing enthusiasm. Since the soft rollout, kiosks have been expanded to a total of 8 different locations and are continuing to succeed in simplifying the customization process that consumers crave.

Hexa Display B

Before an inkling evolves into something that can live in the real world, concepting is necessary. After several design concepts and 3D models were rendered, a sturdy yet condensed prototype was built. This sleek kiosk was designed to give the shopper confidence in an innovative and highly customizable shopping process. On two sides of the kiosk, sample jackets in various sizes are housed in acrylic tubes to help the user find a perfect fit. On the front, a stunning 42-inch touchscreen monitor shows a pre-roll video of jacket features and customization possibilities. Simply touch the monitor and you’re already immersed in the process of designing your own jacket. The messaging and graphic design elements, created by Capsule, gave the brand a physical place to live on the kiosk. This compact, interactive, and portable kiosk offers tactile elements designed to enhance the custom ordering process.

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"Designed by you, Built for life," created by Capsule, is the official tagline for the project. Not only are these jackets built to last a lifetime, each kiosk user also has the unique opportunity to create a jacket that is completely customized to their specifications, including arm length, fit, jacket color, and zipper location.

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