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Capsule is heading west again for the Outdoor Retailer show at a new location.

We have been sharing the story of this change in venue and its impact on two state economies. We’ve used it as an example in speeches to showcase the economic influence a brand can exert. Some might say the show was looking for a reason to move its venue. Others might say it was about time the location changed. We’re merely reflecting on how much influence one brand (Patagonia) can have and when banded with a larger group of brands -- they can move shows over mountains.

We give most of the credit to our friends at Patagonia for kicking the wobbly leg out from under the stool and toppling the show eastward into Colorado. But, I’m sure in all their modesty, they’ll give credit to an industry that knows the importance of preserving public lands. Whomever we credit for this change, this outdoor traveler is looking forward to a new venue in a state that knows the economic impact of the outdoors.

We will be in Colorado talking with friends and clients about some of our most recent work for Patagonia, Leatherman, Stansport, Smartwool, AlpineAire, Otso Cycles and the Pepsi Super Bowl team. We pair research with informed design to deliver results for our clients. Reach out if you’d like to sit down and talk about the financial results design has delivered for the clients above.

If you’d like further evidence, feel free to buy our book for some other case studies. The book:

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