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Mission Give

Mission Give: Phase One Complete.

This year we put $100,000 of our creative labor force out into the universe, seeking a way to give back to our community. We expected votes from around the Twin Cities and garnered votes from around world. We watched as board members, staff, community and friends got passionately involved in the voting effort.

Our mission started with a sparkle in Irv (CEO of Von91)’s eye as he expressed his dismay with all the boring holiday cards put out into the world. He asked Aaron (and Capsule), do you want to do something different? Do you want to partner on a gift and a worthy effort? We said yes and here we are two months and hundreds of votes later.

The impact was humbling and heart-warming. As we reflect on the completion of phase one of this process, we are proud of our community and of the network around the winner, Open Arms of Minnesota. In praise of community-wide participation, Open Arms of Minnesota’s Executive Director, Leah Hebert Welles, explains, “[we] are extremely grateful to all of our Open Arms’ community for mobilizing to help us win. We know firsthand the importance of a clear message and well-branded materials to encourage volunteers and supporters to participate as our partners, which enables us to provide greater service to those who need us most. We greatly appreciate Capsule and Von91 for their benevolence and support of our mission to provide nutritious and delicious meals to individuals facing life-threatening illness.”

Now, we open the faucet of creative talent from both firms (VON91 and Capsule). As we go to work on phase two, stay with us for the story of Open Arms of Minnesota to see what we do together and the profound impact that design can have for a passion-driven brand.

Thank you to everyone that voted and participated, you have pointed us towards a great cause. To any non-profits who would like to be on the ballot next year, please email

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