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Mark Ritson on Brand Valuation: Brilliant or Bullshit?

As soon as we saw Mark Ritson (Professor at Melbourne Business School, and columnist for Marketing Week) take on the topic of brand valuation and claim its bullshit-ness, we knew we wanted to get our book, The Physics of Brand, in front of him.

The topic of brand value is center stage in our book, intersecting the priorities of the CMO and CFO and bringing them into the same conversation. A brand is interdisciplinary, and the value of a brand is built from every department.

Ritson makes it clear that he is a supporter of brand valuation as a theory. But the current practice of it in our industry by leaders such as Interbrand, Brand Z and Brand Finance, leave massive discrepancies, which has lead to his conclusive “bullshit” claim.

His argument is part of a fascinating discussion in our world, and we couldn’t help sending our pages.

The Physics of Brand, as said by Professor Mark Ritson:

"Beautifully written, incredibly designed. This is a book that makes you look at the topic of branding with fresh eyes."

Check out the brilliant vs. bullshit panel discussion on Marketing Week here:

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