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Global Research on Moment Design

Our clients and friends at Patagonia recently commissioned our team to conduct a global study around the most valuable moments for their brand. If you’ve read up on our past work with Patagonia, you might have heard that when choosing a partner to work with, Patagonia always considers the question “are you willing to spend a week in a tent with these people?” We may be biased, but we have found this to be an excellent decision-making criteria. Yet, as we all know, the first opportunity to work together could be the last. Doing great work gets you invited back into the tent for another project.

This most recent effort was designed to identify ways to improve the moment when Patagonia shoppers have the potential to make a purchase decision. The research and design project took us to Munich, Tokyo, Denver, New York and many places in between. Our team went deep into the behaviors, beliefs and moments of engagement most important for the brand. We prototyped scenarios and helped redesign some of the most critical moments for Patagonia.

At Capsule, we frame our research to gather a holistic understanding of shopper behavior. We closely examine everything people see, feel, think and do to identify moments and identify how these behaviors can be leveraged into actionable insights. This in-context, in-the-moment research approach helps us understand why shoppers behave the way they do while telling a more complete story.

We know that outdoor shoppers carefully consider their outdoor purchases. Part of this caution is about finding value, but mostly they want products they feel will help them survive and thrive in their epic outdoor adventures.

The methods we outlined in our recent book, The Physics of Brand, are folded into this modern approach to understanding human behavior. As our eight-city book tour quickly approaches, we are setting up speaking events, one-on-one meetings and collaborations with friends of Capsule. We will be sharing this most recent Patagonia story along with a handful of other relevant examples of brands using these methods and models to build more authentic, relevant and engaging designed moments.

“Brands and people are colliding daily in time and space, and we have new tools to measure these collisions. If you can measure something, you can manage it.” - The Physics of Brand, p.12

We enjoy the challenges and will always do what we can to strengthen relationships with others. If you’re searching for a new perspective on the challenges of building a modern brand, reach out to our team for conversation with the authors. We look forward to hearing about your unique challenge.

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