Shopping for vehicle racks and carriers can be complicated, so thoughtful design in packaging and retail displays is essential to create a positive shopping experience. Yakima, a premier manufacturer of racks and carriers for outdoor recreational products, needed their packaging and display system to be redesigned for more impact and easier product and feature navigation. After research and retail display analysis, Capsule designed a new packaging and retail display system for Yakima customers.

Yakima Package two
Yakima Package one
CAP Yakima Package 06
CAP Yakima Package 07
CAP Yakima Package 04
CAP Yakima Package 05


"The response to the packaging is tremendous, and I want to thank all of Capsule for getting us to where we needed to be." — Bobbie Parisi, Global VP of Brand, Yakima

Yakima Display two

In order to adapt to a wide variety of retail situations, a design with a high degree of modularity allows the individual pieces to be mixed and matched. The display was designed to display the products in an easy step-by-step overview, allowing the consumer to purchase with confidence.

Yakima Display 05
Yakima Display 01
Yakima Display 03
Yakima Display 02

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