Honeywell air conditioner imagery for promotional branding.

Honeywell Packaging Guidelines

Looking to dig a six-foot hole for your brand? License it to everyone and their uncle while providing no requirements and guidelines for use of the identity and packaging elements. Honeywell is a multi-billion dollar brand and certainly took the smart approach to protect their largest asset by asking Capsule to design and write a requirements and guidelines document.

Capsule worked with the Honeywell corporate communications and licensing team to develop a set of packaging guidelines for consumer packaged goods. Our objective was to set clear guides for future use of the Honeywell brand in consumer packaging and specific packaging guidelines to help retain the value of the Honeywell brand as it was leveraged in a consumer product licensing initiative.

Honeywell packaging guidelines book cover.
Honeywell packaging guidelines book pages.

The guidelines defined three levels of packaging types from trade channel shipping packages to secondary packages to primary packages that would end up on the retail shelf. This clarified a variety of relationships between the Honeywell brand and product name, attributes and other messaging for packages. The guidelines also provided clarity on use of color, shape, structure and other package components required to deliver a premium package experience.


"Capsule did a great job creating corporation wide packaging guidelines for a project. The team was quick to put together several options we could use and a very good process to downselect based on our brand and channel intent. Overall a great success." — Siva Iyer, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Honeywell

Honeywell packaging guidelines book pages and brand guidelines.

The result from the work, while exhaustive in time and resources, was held up as standard for guidelines going forward. And, the leadership team at Honeywell was thoroughly impressed with the outcome from this collaborative effort by the Honeywell communications team and Capsule.

Honeywell thermostat box packaging design.

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