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TCC Materials, a Cemstone subsidiary and leading manufacturer of spec blended construction products, approached Capsule for support in building a brand vessel to contain their latest product line. The newly constructed brand would house one of the broadest selections of quality cements, mortars, sealers, grouts and chemical agents fit for any building project and needed to stand out within the category while also seamlessly blending in with existing TCC product lines.

ART TEN Name A 1


Tenon is representative of an object built to last and intentionally crafted to fit seamlessly together with other pieces.


We took TCC Leadership through our in-depth strategy process to uncover the foundation on which the brand would be built. We continued to build upon our research and strategy efforts, and developed a brand name that was distinct and aligned with the key offerings and differentiators of the new product line.

ART TEN Logo A 1

With naming complete, we got to work assembling an enduring brand mark, built to last as it was applied across collateral and an impressive range of unique packaging skus. The Tenon mark introduces a signature orange into the category and highlights elements of strength, modernity and upward progression.

ART Tenon Shipping Container
ART Tenon Duct Tape
ART Tenon Hard Hat


The resulting brand identity has been applied across hundreds of applications, including product packaging SKU’s, wearables, tradeshow booths and digital and physical collateral and has taken center stage as a leading product brand promoted by TCC.

ART Tenon Concrete Wall

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