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Seeking a partner to assist in demolishing descriptors that so often plague construction companies, such as “unfriendly” or “difficult to work with,” Stahl Construction tapped Capsule to build an updated brand identity that focused, with pinpoint accuracy, on exactly who they are. With a team composed of engineers, project managers, field superintendents and more, Stahl needed a visual identity system that showed that construction was just the tip of the nail when describing their full range of capabilities.

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The solution

We used research to immerse ourselves in the world of construction and creative ideation sessions to locate with exactness the unique qualities that set Stahl Construction apart from its competitors. Our process produced a visual identity system soaked with meaning.

Stahl logo
the logo

Representing an industry leader that holds both a thousand-foot view and precise eye for detail, the new mark naturally takes the form of a bird. The angled edge of the wing suggests the edge of a building rising into the sky – a nod to the construction industry. Further conveying its identity, the inclusion of the shield in the new mark signifies Stahl’s commitment to fight for their clients and community.

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Stahl icons
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the system

As a reflection of the vibrancy and fiery force of will with which the Stahl Team tackles their projects, a yellow and orange color scheme was selected for the updated visual identity system, while the typeface communicates Stahl’s straightforward and determined tone of voice – speak softly but wear a hard hat.

The new visual identity system was further honed by the creation of a unifying tagline, “Lead. Inspire. Build.”, that clearly communicates Stahl’s values of integrity, grit and continuous improvement.

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the impact

At the conclusion of the project, Stahl was provided with a freshly laid and solid foundation on which to communicate their core identity and values. With a visually striking and unified identity, Stahl more clearly shows the world what sets them apart from competitors. In a category known for hard-headedness, Stahl has constructed an identity marked by agility, flexibility and care, and displays this identity with integrity. But Stahl doesn’t just take the high road, they build it.


"The Capsule team was an ideal partner for our team to realize the change we needed. They balanced brand strategy with exceptional design and thoughtful messaging. We are so pleased with the results from our rebrand effort — it was an entirely team effort to get here." — Jessie, Noble Leader at Stahl

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