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PepsiCo came to Capsule with a task to design a powerful identity to represent an even more powerful movement. Working with the NFL, Aramark and U.S. Bank Stadium, Rush 2 Recycle had an ambitious, yet feasible goal: to make Super Bowl LII zero waste, the first time in Super Bowl history. The initiative was premiered at Super Bowl LII and its corresponding events but will continue to live on in other venues, stadiums, and events.

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With sharp angles, strong text and purposeful arrows, the Rush 2 Recycle mark is inspired by speed and agility, movement that can be seen on and off of the field. Living across multiple platforms and avenues, the mark needed to be simple, bold and a concept that could be quickly and easily understood. A vibrant and bright green is used to bring new light into our everyday perception of recycling. Appealing to the athletic atmosphere.

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Rush 2 Recycle came to life at the NFL Experience the week of the Super Bowl at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Challenging its viewers to literally, Rush 2 Recycle with player vs. player short sprints.

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