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the challenge

Stansport, a 68 year-old company with a history of supplying high-value camping gear, sought to refresh and modernize their brand with a new mark and packaging. Their goal was to grab attention and drive brand awareness in retail outlets like REI, Gander, Sportsman’s Guide and Walmart. In order to accomplish this, they required a mark and packaging that was simple and clear, would stand out in retail settings, could be easily viewable from twenty feet and provide clear product navigation.

Stansport Logo A
Stansport Logo A
The logo

The tree icon, typography and color scheme all communicates Stansport’s approachable and laid-back personality. Affirming the idea that adventures are not only for the hardcore mountaineers, but for anyone who finds themselves enjoying the outdoors and craving a breath of fresh air.

Stansport Logo C
Stansport Logo B

making it last

Designed with the purchaser in mind, the packaging is simple, easy to use and includes a simplified and intuitive flow of information specifically tailored to the eye of the consumer.

Stansport Book A
Stansport Book B
Stansport Packaging A
Stansport Photos01
CAP Stansport Packaging 11
Stansport Photos02
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Stansport Photos04
Stansport Photos05
Stansport Photos06

the impact

Stansport needed to appeal to the full spectrum of outdoor activity shoppers, from millennials buying gear for a weekend trip to the beach, to parents purchasing equipment for their kids to sleep out in the backyard or take a family hiking trip in a state park. Capsule’s updated mark and packaging layout clearly transmitted the approachable nature that Stansport has carefully fostered over the brand’s history. Choosing not to limit audiences to granola eaters or tree huggers, Stansport continues to define itself as a brand that meets consumers wherever they’re at to help get them into unforgettable outdoor experiences.

CAP Stansport Packaging 07
CAP Stansport Packaging 06
CAP Stansport Packaging 05
CAP Stansport Packaging 01
CAP Stansport Packaging 00
CAP Stansport Packaging 04
CAP Stansport Packaging 03

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