The Hydro Flask brand outdoor camping scene with fire and tent at night.

Hydro Flask Outdoor Kitchen


Ongoing client, Hydro Flask, was in need of fresh packaging for their new line of dining ware, Outdoor Kitchen, and engaged Capsule with the task of fulfilling their ask. Enthusiastically digging into the project, Capsule began the work of developing a system that could balance a premium look and feel, while elevating an already environmentally conscious brand with even more sustainable packaging, making it even more attractive to its valuable retail partners.


In order to improve the sustainability of this packaging system, less materials were used, recyclable friendly print processes were utilized, biodegradable adhesives were explored and any trace of plastics, foils or varnishes were eliminated, resulting in a look so clean, you could practically eat off of it.

The Hydro Flask brand design for outdoor kitchen with four packaged products.

A clean, neutral color palette was consistently applied across the packaging system, providing a simple, yet premium look that gave the colors of the actual products a chance to shine.

The utilized packaging solution was designed to help the new product line visually stand apart and provide additional shopping navigation for consumers. Distinctive visual cues were incorporated into the packaging system to signal to customers that these appetizing new products are an exciting extension of the Hydro Flask brand they already know and love.

The Hydro Flask brand design for outdoor kitchen products including spoon and fry pan.
The Hydro Flask brand design for outdoor kitchen including bowl and cups in package.

Aware that shopping for dining gear can often be as tactile of an activity as eating a meal itself, the packaging system was developed with consumer interaction in mind. Plates can be stacked, utensils can be simply pulled out and handled, and lids on bowls can be effortlessly lifted off and replaced, allowing customers an easier exploration experience of Outdoor Kitchen products in-aisle.

The Hydro Flask brand design logo and pan for outdoor kitchen with detail of label.
The Hydro Flask brand design for outdoor kitchen with three cups and package labels.
The Hydro Flask brand design for outdoor kitchen with spoon package design pattern.


With a system employing limited material use and improved sustainability practices, Outdoor Kitchen was successfully accepted and launched in REI and other noted outdoor retailers. The resulting packaging solution for Outdoor Kitchen creates a versatile system that can be applied to future products as the line expands, aiding it in its mission of helping customers “dine well, wherever”.

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