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Caribou Coffee is a coffee experience striving to make every day better. The coffee shop category faces new competitive threats, with fast food giants pushing gourmet coffee on their regular menus. The Caribou experience was in need of some fresh design ideas so they turned to Experience Engineering and Capsule.

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The design process included ideation sessions where a diverse team drew from many other beverage, social and networking experiences. This team helped design more than a hundred moments to engage a diverse audience.

The design of these moments required a deep understanding of consumer profile research, combined with a fair amount of time spent observing interactions and behaviors in coffee shops. Everything from how a cup is handed, to French Press table service, to what you see when you drive-thru; the experience of Caribou now has some freshly designed moments.

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Capsuleā€™s final report included more than 100 designed moments including human behaviors, artifacts and store environment.

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