The Miller Knoll brand name Setu chair design showing a variety of chairs in photo.

Herman Miller

Herman Miller’s Setu Chair, designed by Studio 7.5, addressed the mobile workplace and the fact that work is now done in the most unexpected of places. The Studio 7.5 team realized that multipurpose seating should reflect these changing needs and devised, over several years, and many exploratory prototypes, a chair that combines work-chair principles of motion and comfort with sleek lines, simplicity and an affordable price.

The Miller Knoll brand name Setu chair design with name in red type on white background.

The chair needed a standout name because of its unusual design. The chair is unlike any other because its kinematic spine bends and flexes with each movement, without any effort on the part of the individual. Capsule was inspired to explore the concept of unrestricted movement, delving into a range of cultures and philosophies to find out more. They came across Setu, the Hindi word for bridge. Capsule chose this because a bridge allows you to move freely, connects you and takes you to a place never before possible.

As a name, Setu is simple, visually strong and intriguing. A perfect moniker for an amazing chair.

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