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Physics Book Review: David Butler, VP of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, The Coca-Cola Company

We've admired David from afar for quite some time. Years ago he was kind enough to shepherd our requests for content in our second book, "Design Matters: Packaging" so we were further reassured of David's greatness, and continued our "design stalking" for about five more years. If he knew, he'd likely have filed for a 1,126 mile restraining order (miles from Capsule to Coca-Cola headquarters). So, when he was willing to take on the task of reading our book and giving us his view, proud is not a big enough word.

Thank you David. We are still here, watching from a safe, non-creepy distance.

“As we transition from the ‘industrial economy' into the ‘digital economy,’ brand relevance is critical. Every brand is under new pressure to engage authentically with the next generation. The Physics of Brand is a playbook for every brand manager on this journey.”
David Butler
VP Innovation and Entrepreneurship, The Coca-Cola Company

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