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Physics of Brand Review: Chris Lindner, President of Keds

Being that Chris Lindner has helped build marketing platforms for brands such as Nike, Bauer, Converse, Saucony, Sperry and is now President of Keds, we felt his endorsement of The Physics of Brand was a win. *Pro tip: Pre-order Physics of Brand today and receive an early release of Chapter 1 (more info below).

Lindner's recent work can be seen on the streets everywhere, but more prominently on the feet of Taylor Swift. The company launched a completely new brand platform last year, endorsed by Swift, and fuled by the "Ladies First" campaign.

"A new generation of women has been leading an exciting cultural shift redefining the conversation about equality and female empowerment," Chris said in a statement. "Keds was originally created in 1916 to provide ladies with accessible, fashionable footwear to allow them to be who they wanted to be, and go where they wanted to go. 'Ladies First' is a celebration of amazing women like Taylor Swift who are blazing new trails every day."

Marvelous. Keds has done great work this year maintaining the brand's original purpose and authenticity, but they're celebrating it in new and more relevant ways. The behavior (and wardrobes) of the general brand community could benefit walking a mile in Keds' shoes.

Chris's take on The Physics of Brand:

"Loved it! The art and science - or physics and feeling - creates a true difference in connecting to the hearts and minds of consumers. The Physics of Brand provides a compelling framework to think about creating enduring and iconic brands that can withstand the test of time.”
Chris Lindner
President, Keds

Pre-order the Physics of Brand today and receive an early release of Chapter 1.

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