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Patagonia, it all started in a shed.

When looking at this photo you might be asking yourself, “Why are these three good looking capsulites standing in front of that random shed?” Well funny you should ask, because this is not some happy accident, its tradition. For this random shed is not random at all. As Barry, our Research Manager describes it, “This [shed] is more than a blacksmith shed, moreover its part design studio, part retail store where Chouinard Equipment Co. would sometimes sell product direct to climbers. This is where the progenitor to Patagonia modeled, fabricated, tinkered, rejiggered and would then engineer the very best climbing gear.” This is where Patagonia began.

So, when Capsule recently partnered with Patagonia for another totally rad project, we made what has become a semi-frequent patronage to the Patagonia headquarters in Ventura, CA. And on this trip, we had to pose for a picture – again! As Aaron Keller describes the photo opp, “We typically get our photos taken there when we visit. Just because it's a thing.”

For us, “This inauspicious iron shed bridges the past with present and is a real life expression of the company mission: Make the best product, cause no unnecessary harm.”

We are honored to have partnered with Patagonia for another tremendous opportunity -- and great photo opportunity as well.

dudes pictured left to right: Dave, Aaron, Barry

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