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The Physics of Brand Pre-Launch Party has begun

You may have heard we're writing a book - and no, we're not done talking about it. The pre-order party has launched and the Physics of Brand momentum has just begun.


Three practitioners take you on a theoretical journey to the depths of the brand universe. You'll be introduced to three new super models illustrating how brands aggregate value for brand owners, people and society. These models frame new ways to assess the value of brands, articulate smarter strategies and design memorable moments. The authors leave a smile in your mind as they weave neuroscience, micro and macro economics and complex systems into a narrative equally rewarding for finance as it is for marketing leaders. It’s a brand-new way of thinking.

We're mostly just excited to start having this conversation with more than just each other. This book is packed with practical value and application for those in marketing, design, strategy, branding, and overall business, and our readers will range from entrepreneurs to CMOs.

We recently released our manuscript to a few notable individuals to get their feedback, and we're proud to share the latest words of love:

“Blending a rigorous, near-scientific approach together with a sophisticated, humanistic focus on people’s minds, souls and behaviors, this book offers a comprehensive compendium of all the variables to consider for building valuable, memorable and sustainable brands”

-Mauro Porcini
SVP & Chief Design Officer, PepsiCo

"A book where dreamers become doers, as it manages to be distinctive but not eccentric, comprehensive in scope but not cramped by details. I appreciate the balance of the effort to giving due weight to both extraordinary opportunities in developing, cultivating, promoting and guarding a new brand, along with the tremendous forces of managing and pivoting an existing brand platform. Big kudos to this team in their thoughtful, highly creative effort to bring humanity to the data and science of brand."

-Christopher Gavigan
Founder + Chief Products Officer
The Honest Company

"Beautifully written, incredibly designed. This is a book that makes you look at the topic of branding with fresh eyes".

-Professor Mark Ritson
Melbourne Business School, Australia
Columnist for Marketing Week

"This should be your handbook for modern branding. The Physics of Brand is what most marketing books aren’t—fun to read right from the first page, engaging and generous in its trove of brand knowledge, and up-to-this-minute current with how the marketplace works today."

-Mark Addicks
Former CMO, General Mills

“Like a chef’s tasting menu, this cleverly prepared feast encourages readers to sample a new way to think about brands and branding. I loved every bite!"

-Judy Bell
CEO (Chief Energetic Officer) Energetic Retail
Author of Silent Selling

"Brilliantly captured and creatively stimulating. Guided through the fascinating journey of brand evolution from both a scientific and humanistic lens. Your imagination will be taken to multidimensional experience."

-Jennifer J. Sherry
CMO, Tallyhonow.com

“Technology is rapidly changing the way consumers make purchases. The traditional processes for developing brand awareness are becoming obsolete. The authors of The Physics of Brand have developed processes for brand development in today’s marketplace that are based on the physical sciences but include a touch of art. These processes should lead to overall value creation for the brand as well as the entire firm."

-Mark L. Zyla
Managing Director, Acuitas, Inc.
Author of Fair Value Measurements: Practical Guidance and Implementation

“What do you get when you combine a scientific approach to branding with high creativity? A new approach to branding for the digital era. This book will help any marketing practitioner with a hands-on model to make your brand the best it can be. Jacob’s Ladder provides excellent guidance.”

-Mark S. Coronna
Managing Director, Marks and Crown
Digital Marketer and Technology Executive

“This book hits home with those of us who have always tried to find that fine balance between art and science when building a brand. I’ve been on both sides of “above and below the line” and was even part of the Mad Men era (It was awesome!). But these authors do a remarkable job helping us all understand how easy it is to destroy a brand and how intricate and scientific it is to BUILD a brand.”

-Janet Sparkman
Chief Consumer Experience Officer
OptumHealth (a UnitedHealth Group Company)

Join the Pre-Launch Party! Order your copy from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Pro tip: Those who pre-order get an early bird special gift from our authors. Just send us a copy of your confirmation at physicsofbrand@gmail.com.

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