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Heading to our western office, Los Angeles

Our northern office is buried under 78 inches of total snowfall this season, so we’re heading west to thaw out in our western office, Los Angeles. This has become a semi-annual event, ExpoWest and ExpoEast, because we’ve found a favorable crowd in need of our approach to design thinking.

We have meetings with clients, talking sustainable packaging innovations and what they can do to be a more responsible consumer product. We have other discussions around how we’re testing intuition using a new methodology. And, lastly we have our continued discussions around how to humanize brands.

The “Expo” scale of this show is our only comparison to what it must have been like to visit the World Expo, back when we invited the expo to our urban areas. With over 85,000 visitors, it certainly pales in comparison to the Chicago World’s Fair of 27 million. Yet, this one takes place under palm trees and without the fear of frostbite.

We have flip-flopped into ExpoWest nearly a dozen times in the last fifteen years and each time it leaves an impression in our memories and a pain in our feet. Anything organic, natural or deemed healthy is on display for an eager audience to visually consume.

This year, Kelly Leighton will be attending as a designer and I will be under the label, journalist – sometimes labels are just a bit askew from reality. If you find us running between meetings, that’s likely due to the schedule we’ve lined up. Even with the limitations of time, if you know a brand we should meet, please reach out and we’ll see what we can do.

Thank you and we hope to come back defrosted and refreshed.

Aaron Keller
Managing Principal & Fan of All Expos

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