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#BookReview Joseph Pine II, Bestselling Co-author, The Experience Economy

“The Physics of Brand is brilliant. It’s about the five senses, memories, and our experience of offerings. It’s about time, space, and moments that matter. And most fundamentally, it’s about branding, and within its pages you will find profound insights into your own brand.”
— B. Joseph Pine II Bestselling Co-author, The Experience Economy

Joseph Pine is an iconic character in the minds of many and certain a hero inside the walls of Capsule. Joe would carry enough weight on our wooden floors if he merely published the standard bearing authenticity book "Authenticity, What Consumers Really Want." But, he also wrote the book that shifted marketing thought for decades, "The Experience Economy."

A quote from Mr. Joseph Pine may intrigue you if you've heard Joe speak, seen his TED speech ( classic form ) or read either of his books. If you haven't had the gluttonous opportunity to consume any of Joe's content, please do so soon. Joseph Pine and his co author started a new way of thinking and when we say we stand on the shoulders of giants, Joe is one of the tallest.
Thank you Joseph Pine for reading our book and articulating many of the great points.

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