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Physics of Brand: the Book Tour

Coming to a city near you: the Physics of Brand. This year, we will be visiting a select number of cities where we will be talking about the value of a brand, the importance of a designed moment and how the book came together with three authors.

Cities announced at this point:

-- Seattle, WA: Nov 14-16

-- Washington, DC: Nov 28-30

-- New York, NY: Dec 12-16

Additional cities being considered for 2017:

-- Boston, MA

-- Portland, OR

-- San Francisco, CA

-- Los Angeles, CA

-- Austin, TX

We will be meeting with brand owners, thought leaders, financial analysts and characters who provoke interesting perspectives. If you fit into any of these categories, we recommend reaching out (if you haven’t already received an invite) so we can meet. For those interested in hearing about how the methods discussed in the book apply to a real product, we will be talking about our recent work with Patagonia. If you have any crumbs of fascination with Patagonia as a culture and a brand, this story will certainly feed your curiosity.

We will also be sharing stories of Uber, KIND, Honest Company, Smartwool and a few other examples of organizations building modern brands.

Now you may be wondering, “How does a book tour differ from a music tour?” We are too, so we asked around and here’s what we gathered to give some perspective.

  • There will be no Ozzy Osbourne inspired “inhaling a line of ants as if it was cocaine.” We’re too much into nature to consume it through our nasal passages

  • We don’t think there will be any shenanigans in the tour bus, as we’ll be taking airplanes and Ubers.

  • We will be avoiding all Beyoncé / Jay-Z concert inspired “biting off the middle finger” incidents by the fans. At least we hope so on this one.

  • No guest appearances from Steven Tyler, but we would welcome him if he wanted to drop in on our tour.

  • While we may consume a crafted beer, some small batch spirits or an occasional mixed drink, there will be no excessive drinking and waking up in strange places.

Although they won't be joining us, Iggy Pop, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Ozzy Osbourne, Lady Gaga and Steven Tyler will be brought into conversations about how they function as brands in our society. We may even discuss the moments above and how they contributed to memories and the value of these brands to us. But, just to be fully transparent, this is a book tour: it stimulates the higher parts of your brain and doesn’t prevent you from contributing to society the next day.

For more on our book, click here: http://bit.ly/thephysicsofbrand

To get on our schedule for the tour, please send your queries to: maddiwagner@capsule.us

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