A promotional photograph of pizza going into a wood fire oven.

Punch Pizza

Neapolitan pizza requires a license before the proprietor can build the oven required for authenticity. John Soranno is a fanatic for process and one of a few people capable of delivering on the promise of authentic Neapolitan pizza. The Punch Pizza experience is drawn from the hand of John Soranno. At Capsule, we are proud to say the design for signage, logo and menus are inspired by his vision as well.

A Punch Neapolitan Pizza logo design in color on a white background.
A menu design cover and interior page for Punch Pizza branding project.
Punch Pizza logo and branding on different stationary booklets.
Punch Pizza logo and signage on restaurant awning.
Designed business cards for Punch Pizza branding project.

This is ground control to Major Tom.