30 Watt

30 Watt, creators of amusing, quirky gag gifts, partnered with Capsule to bring their jokes to life. The mark, along with various mugs, flasks and even baby onesies, were designed to bring out 30 Watt's comedic personality. The Capsule team created several distinct concepts for each joke on a variety of mediums. Every concept was designed with the same tongue-in-cheek personality as the jokes themselves,

The 30 Watt logo in black on a white background.
Stationary design for 30 Watt with a branded business card and drinkware product guide.
Three 30 Watt mugs with creative copy and graphic designs.
Three 30 Watt flasks with creative copywriting and graphic design on each.
Baby stuffed animal, socks and onesie on clothes line for 30 Watt branding.
A 30 Watt branded notebook with graphic of cubicals on cover.
A page from a 30 Watt notebook with creative copywriting and design on page.
A 30 Watt gift card holder design and prank box design with branding.

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