Craftsman was on a mission to develop an iconic mark to work in harmony with the Craftsman logo. Specifically, a mark that could work well in 3D, 2D and other animated applications. Capsule worked with the team at Craftsman to design a mark that resonates and is recognizable with audiences and distinguishes itself from competitors and a brand guidelines system to guarantee continued effective use of the mark.

The Craftsman mark capitalizes on the legacy of American heritage, yet moves the brand ahead to a more innovative space, using the distinguishing characteristics of trust and reliability.

"Great job! Great partners! Great results! Thank you for all your hard work and efforts along this journey. I could not have imagined it with anybody else and as enjoyable."

Jeff Klimek, Manager-Design Projects, Brand Team, Sears Holdings Corporation

"Capsule was an absolute joy to work with in developing our brand identity. They were thorough, thoughtful, and very patient with us. And the final design is something that our entire company has been rallying around. Their additional work on the full brand language documentation was superior. I have never seen such a solid body of work - I can't oversell Capsule. They are truly the cream of the crop - I would recommend them to anyone."

Tony Shoemaker, Manager, Industrial Design, Kenmore at Sears Holdings Corporation

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