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Unlocking Creativity: FUSE Day 1

"Everything is people-centered."

The first day of Fuse is nearly wrapped up, and it's clear that everyone's focus is on one thing: creating memorable experiences for people. Not consumers - people.

Taking that to heart, below you will find easy and digestible summaries from a few of the presentations so far. Think theSkimm but with more uses of the word "innovation".

Christian Martinez: Communication In A Mobile-First World

Overarching point: Our desire to connect is what makes us human, and though the methods we use to communicate change dramatically, the desire for trust and community will always remain constant.

Key takeaways + stats:
-One minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words to our brains.
-It is estimated 75% of all mobile data will be video by 2020.
-90% of the information that we receive is visual.

So...what does this mean for me?
Visual language, particularly video, is essential for brands to make real connections with their audiences.

Memorable quote: “There is an expectation to take people with you on an adventure - our desire to connect is what makes us human. It has always been about trust and community.”

Vince Voron: Leveraging In-House Creatives to Inspire Innovation

Overarching point: Pay attention to all of the interactions a customer makes with your brand, and focus time, money, and resources into making those enjoyable and memorable.

Key takeaways + stats:
-Look for ordinary moments and make them extraordinary.
-Systems are needed to keep a company's design strategy in line.
-Individuals within a company can effect big change.

So...what does this mean for me?
Designers need to take a seat in the boardroom as well as invite the C-Suite execs into the design studio.

Memorable Quote: “Empowering passions in your company can lead to inspiring innovations.”

Brian Robinson: A Tale of Resiliency, Imagination, and the Power of Curiosity

Overarching point: Failure leads to resiliency, resiliency leads to creativity, and creativity leads to innovation.

Key takeaways + stats:
-An unbridled imagination is at the heart of innovation.
-We need to learn to be courageous and test new ideas.
-People respond more positively when they see resiliency in others rather than acts of "winning".

So...what does this mean for me?
If you want to build resilient teams, empower them to get knocked down.

Memorable quote: "It’s time to lose. It’s time to get knocked out so you learn to fight back. And it’s time to innovate at your most vulnerable moment."

Gillian Ferrabee: Engaging Your Audience Through Play

Overarching point: Play is necessary to grow and learn.

Key takeaways + stats:
-Humans are the only animal that play after adulthood.
-The stakes need to be at a comfortable level, because if they are too high we go into survival mode and creativity stops.
-When you're having fun and engaging in play, your brain remembers more and you are more likely to learn.

So...what does this mean for me?
If you want to learn and grow, both individually and with a team, there needs to be a comfortable environment to try new things.

Memorable quote: “Think about what you liked to do as a kid and try to do that thing for the rest of your life.”

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