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The Intersection of Music, Love and Tradition

A Minnesota Orchestra review by Sarah

With an old soul, a yearning for nostalgia and love for tradition, Fly Me to the Moon: Love Songs from the Big Band Era and Beyond at the Minnesota Orchestra was calling my name. For me, the Big Band era uncovers emotions, stories and traditions from my grandparents’ generation that I willingly soak in every chance I get. One of my very favorite memories takes me to a Saturday morning tradition. My grandparents would turn on Big Band music, sing along, laugh and dance with each other. Every once in a while, I got lucky enough to catch them on that Saturday morning and join in. This is a memory that I will forever cherish and carry on in my own traditions.

Inevitably, music will bring about memories and emotions. Throughout the concert, I found myself watching the musicians passionately playing their notes; a soft smile on my face as I absorbed the sounds and indulged in the memories of my grandparents. One of the highlights was a story told by the featured trumpeter, Charles Lazarus, about the song Stardust. It’s one of his favorite love songs because it was the song his grandfather sang to his grandmother to win her attention, and eventually her heart.

No matter if it’s the Big Band music, undiscovered love songs, or any other musical genre, music is a way to recall the depths of our nostalgia, continue traditions, and let our emotions travel through the trails of the melody.

We’re curious to know: what kinds of music or songs uncover your most fond memories?

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