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Think & Link, Pants Optional

July 30, 11:00 EST / 10:00 CST

We’ve been rather proud of our pairings at Think & Link; Pants Optional, but we’ve outdone ourselves this time. We’re pairing Château La Mission Haut Brion Bordeaux red wine with the best meal you’ve ever enjoyed. We have Vince Voron, formerly of Apple, Coke, Dolby and now with Ripple, he is known for designing iconic elements into brands. And, Soon Yu, Author, Innovator, Formerly VF Corp; and Soon Yu has written a best selling book, Iconic Advantage which showcases brands and designers who have proven what iconic design delivers for brands. If you’re not enjoying this one, check your pulse.

We will start by discussing the topics of the week sparked by questions from my co-host Kelly Leighton and myself, Aaron Keller. We invented Think & Link during the last recession and have gratefully kept it going as a monthly event for a decade. As we all face these strange times, our team looks to do what we can do to help connect our friends and nourish their intellectual curiosity.

Think & Link; Pants Optional, is our way of giving something to our community as we seek new opportunities, friendships and professions. And, we’re a curious crew here at Capsule, so we’re always looking to learn from our significant network of thinkers and doers.

Our format is a 30 minute Q&A discussion hosted by Kelly Leighton and Aaron Keller, of Capsule followed by a small group discussion where you’ll be able to meet, flex your ideation muscles and discuss the topic of the day for 25 minutes.

Interested in attending? We hope you like buttons.

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About Think & Link:

Capsule's Think & Link is an invitation-only gathering of like-minded people, coming together each month to discuss hot topics and important issues. It's an invaluable sharing of insight and inspiration.

Note: Link to access the event through Zoom will be sent to registered participants the day before the event.

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