Think And Link Kitchen

It started in a kitchen

That’s where most great things start, don’t they? When financial crisis struck in 2008, Capsule had a front row seat to the resounding challenges facing brands across all industries and sectors. With an almost irresponsibly low level of bar stools and a fresh pot of coffee, we opened our tiny kitchen space to host regular speaking events and networking opportunities.

Over a decade into this humble effort, we’ve not only played host to legendary brand executives, but neuroscientists, sports commentators and rock stars as well. Our audience has grown in size and ventured into new zip codes, but our simple philosophy has remained unchanged - ask questions, share ideas, stay inspired.

2021: Brand New World

It’s a brand new world for all, but that doesn’t mean the conversation has to stop. This season of Think & Link has gone virtual, making our way into kitchens, home offices and utility closets across the globe for an intimate discussion with pairings of like-minded, and unlike-minded leaders with inspired ideas and pioneering perspectives to share.

Think & Link in a nutshell

Thursdays are for Thinking

Think & Link is currently hosted in-person and online on a monthly basis Thursdays at 4CT, with some subject to flex.

Event format

Our format is a 60-minute live in-person and virtual Q&A discussion with 1-2 speakers, led by the Capsule team. Audience questions are welcome in the chat and sprinkled into the conversation.

As free as can be

All events are open to all and completely free, all we ask is you register in advance and make an effort to bring a friend.

Catch the highlights

Can’t make it on Thursday? Our T&L Time Capsule page hosts over 50 hours of quote-worthy snippets and links to full talks from our recorded events. Or, sign up for our invitation list and get highlights sent straight to your inbox.


We love to promote our friends new and old. From co-hosting to a simple plug on a new idea or venture, our sponsorship model is flexible and inclusive.

About Capsule

Oh, and who are we? Capsule is a seasoned special projects firm out of Minneapolis, solving challenges for leading brands of all shapes and sizes.

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From Our Speakers

"The Think & Link discussion with James Damian was a great way to express what I think everyone was feeling about the importance of community, culture and design while we all faced the uncertainty of a global pandemic. It was an inspired conversation."

— Mauro Porcini, SVP & Chief Design Officer, PepsiCo.

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From Our Speakers

“The Capsule Think & Link series was a wonderful intellectual discussion on the perceptions and perils of entrepreneurship, leadership and building a long lasting brand. I thoroughly enjoyed delivering some inspiration for a great audience. Thank you for having me on the stage with Ryan Waymire of FabFitFun.”

— Kara Goldin, Founder and CEO, Hint Inc.

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From Our Speakers

"Capsule has created a wonderful, welcoming environment for creative professionals and business leaders to exchange ideas. Speaking at Think & Link was not only an opportunity to share my knowledge with an engaged audience, but also learn from other experts in the room."

— Terry Wu, Neuromarketer

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From Our Speakers

“Thank you Capsule team for putting on the Think & Link series. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Claire Coder on the challenges, opportunities and obligations that come with entrepreneurship. It was a wonderful pairing for learning, all around.”

— Kate Mortenson, iPondr Founder and CEO

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